(XDCAM EX). Editor and sound designer. Half-hour documentary about the psychological challenges and social dilemmas painter John Asaro is overcoming when shifting from painting New Romanticism to female nudes. Produced by Gerdes Creative. (2010)


Freshwater Seas: The Great Lakes  
(HDCAM). Editor. Two-hour special about the social history and environmental impact of humans on the unique ecosystems of the world’s biggest inland waters. Produced by Lindsey Haskins for WTVS-TV/Detroit Public Television. (2009)


Sculpting Sound 
(XDCAM EX). Director and editor. Documentary chronicling the lengthy and laborious process in which legendary acoustician Cyril Harris and architect Mark Reddington created one of the greatest music halls in the world, the Conrad Prebys Concert Hall. Produced by Dirk Sutro for UC, San Diego. (2009) More >>


Faces of Chronic Care  
(DVCPro HD). Editor. Documentary short profiling seniors living with chronic diseases and their life with caregivers. Produced by Crosskeys Media for the AARP Public Policy Institute. (2009) More >>


Life By Design  
(DigiBeta). Director and Editor. Feature length documentary about the history of Danish design and architecture and its worldwide impact on international designers. Produced for dkVogue Los Angeles. Premiere: AFI International Film Festival/Danish Film Festival Los Angeles. (2008) More >>


Chasing Zero  
(DigiBeta). Editor and Sound Designer. Educational documentary short about the nation-wide efforts to fight Hospital Acquired Infections in the US. Produced by Crosskeys Media for Cardinal Health. (2008)


Packet Video  
(DVCAM). Editor and Sound Designer. Web video about the pioneering work of Packet Video, creators of multimedia experiences on audience-interactive mobile devices. Produced by Matthew Eisen Productions. (2008)


Barrio Station Gang Education 
(DVCAM). Director and Editor. Educational documentary feature addressing at-risk youth about gang enhancement laws, parental costs for imprisonment, and security confinement.  Produced for Barrio Station. (2007)


Saving the Salton Sea
(DigiBeta). Producer/Director and Editor. Documentary about the controversial efforts to restore and revitalize the Salton Sea in order to avoid an environmental hazard for both humans and wildlife in Southern California. Certificate of Excellence at the US International Film Festival and Telly Award in Nature/Wildlife Program. Produced for KPBS-TV. (2006) More >>

Tribute to Antonio Banderas
(DVCAM). Editor and Sound Designer. Lifetime Achievement Award reel chronicling the work of the acclaimed actor in Spain and in the US. Produced by Pocharte/Edward James Olmos for the Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival. (2006)
Border Billboards
(DigiBeta). Producer/Director and Editor. Documentary short about Marcos Ramirez ERRE, an artist at the San Diego/Tijuana border, using billboards to respond to the anti-illegal immigrant group the Minutemen. Telly Award in Cultural Documentary program. Produced for KPBS-TV. (2006) More >>
Star of India – San Diego’s Tall Ship
(HDCAM). Producer/Director and Editor. Half-hour documentary about the vibrant history, restoration work, and sail crew training of the world’s oldest functioning sailing ship, “Star of India”. Emmy Awards in Historical Biographical Program and in Directing, Emmy Nominations in Editing and in Sound Design, and Telly Awards in Historical Biographical and Documentary Program. Produced for KPBS-TV. (2006) More >>
A Place of Promise
(DVCAM). Producer/Director and Editor. A documentary DVD exploring the daily lives of University of San Diego students experiencing different types of promises, and their involvement in changing their communities. Four Telly Awards including in Documentary and Multimedia and seven Aurora Awards including in Directing and Community Relations Program. Produced for the USD Publications Office (2006). More >>
Balboa Park - The Spanish Fantasy
(HDCAM). Producer/Director and Editor. Half-hour documentary about the political and economical struggles over the 1915 Panama California Exposition and how it created the fantasy of Southern California’s Spanish heritage. Emmy Nomination in Directing. Produced for KPBS-TV. (2005).
Ingrid Croce - The Soul of Food and Music
(HDCAM). Producer/Director and Editor. Documentary portrait about Ingrid Croce and how her life with late singer Jim Croce and their devotion to live music and American cuisine lead her to be a pioneer in the redevelopment of downtown San Diego. Emmy Nominations in Directing and in Cultural Documentary Program. Produced for KPBS-TV. (2005).
On Detour with Manny Farber
(HDCAM). Producer/Director and Editor. Half-hour documentary about the legendary painter and film critic Manny Farber. Emmy Awards in Historical/Biographical Program and in Graphic Design. Telly Award in Historical/Biographical Program. Emmy Nomination in Performing and Visual Arts. Produced and distributed for national broadcast on PBS/ American Public Television. (2004). More >>
Our Neighborhood
(DigiBeta). Producer/director and Editor/Sound Designer. Documentary about citizen involvement and the San Diego Dialogue initiative on issues of growth and urban density. Emmy Awards in Directing and in Sound Design. Produced for KPBS-TV. (2003).
Culture of Hate
(DigiBeta). Editor, Sound Designer, and Archival Researcher. Feature length documentary on the history and culture of hate crimes and white supremacist movements in East County, San Diego. DuPont-Columbia Award, SD Press Club Best of Show, First Place Award in Documentary, and Emmy Nomination in Editing. Produced by Pink Ghetto Productions, Inc. for national broadcast on PBS/ American Public Television. (2002). More >>
Child Protective Services
(DigiBeta). Editor and Sound Designer. Emmy Award and U.S. Intl. Film and Video Festival "Silver Screen Award" winning cinema verite style documentary looking behind the scenes of Child Protective Services in Southern California. Emmy Nominations in Editing and in Sound Design. Produced by Matthew Eisen Productions for national broadcast on PBS/ American Public Television. (2001) More >>
Thich Nhat Hanh
(DigiBeta). Editor and Sound Designer. Documentary short on Buddhist monk and peace activist Thich Nhat Hanh. Two Emmy Nominations including an Emmy Nomination in Sound Design. Produced and distributed by KPBS-TV. (2002).
Beast of Desire and The Gypsy's Wife
(DigiBeta). Editor. Emmy Award winning shows with dance, song, performances, and interview with choreographer John Malashock focusing on his modern dance ensemble. Produced and distributed by KPBS-TV. (2002).
Center Stage
(DigiBeta). Editor. Emmy Award winning variety and talk show with theater performances and interviews focusing on San Diego’s theater scene. Produced and distributed by KPBS-TV. (2001).
Image of Law Enforcement
(DigiBeta). Editor. Two-hour telecourse. Blending interviews with law enforcement officers, Hollywood scriptwriters, and newscasters with stand-up comedy, and popular media, the program explores the public image of law enforcement. CINDY Silver Award in Editing. Produced and distributed by KPBS-TV/CPTN. (1999).
(DigiBeta). Archival Researcher. Emmy Award winning half-hour program tracing the history of methamphetamine abuse and proliferation from the Pacific War Theater of WW II through the postwar military community of San Diego to present biker lifestyles. Press Club First Place Award in Investigative Reporting. Produced by KPBS-TV. (1999).
Herbert's Hippopotamus
(Betacam SP). Producer/Director and Editor. Documentary about the turbulent life, writings, and activism of philosopher Herbert Marcuse, visionary force for the youth movements worldwide during the ‘60s and ‘70s. Emmy Award in Historical/Biographical Program. Worldwide Distribution: The Cinema Guild and PBS Adult Learning Service (1998). More >>
InSite94: A Kid's Preview
(Betacam SP). Director and Editor. Educational half-hour program for second graders about "InSite94," a bi-national exhibit of installations and site specific art in San Diego and Tijuana. Producer and distributor: Installation Gallery and Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego. Aired on K35DG-TV. (1994).
Robert Cumming: Cone of Vision
(15 min, Betacam SP). May 1993. Director and editor. Videotape for traveling exhibition on the work of artist Robert Cumming. Producer and distributor: Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego. Selected screenings: Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego; The Contemporary Museum, Honolulu; Museum of Fine Art, Boston; Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston.
NHI – A Public Art Project
(Betacam SP), Producer/Director and Editor. Documentary about an art project focusing on unsolved murders of women in San Diego County. (1992).
  Peer Support
(DigiBeta). Editor. Aurora Gold and Telly Award winning program about the behavior and response of peer support in emergency and law enforcement personnel. Produced and distributed by KPBS-TV/CPTN. (1998)


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